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The only man that she can trust is the only man that can save her from the unknown menace that has targeted her! Will Renea and Lazarus survive the deadly game being played with their lives?
Renea Williams the CEO of a once thriving oil harvesting company. With her diminished beliefs in the ‘happily ever after’ of fairy-tales long ago forgotten, Renea seems to be comfortable with her lonely life with her Father’s legacy for comfort.
Captain Lazarus Lee lives his life in shadows. An elite member of the Federal Intelligence Agency, Lazarus is determined not to make the same mistake that he made in another life. Another time when he had a wife and a child of his own. His wife and child he had and lost on a tragic snowy night. Nightmares of that night that his wife and child died plague this soldier but love found him once again.
It has been two years. Two years of watching, two years of waiting and two long and lonely years of wanting. Lazarus knew the meaning of frustration. Every look, every touch, every dream was of her. But none of what he had gone through for two years could possibly prepare him for sitting across from her, smelling the subtle spicy, sexy scent that she wore with an air of authority.
Renea had never seen those eyes; those uncanny gray eyes. It was as if the sight of them turned on a switch inside of her that had been off for years. Her company, her father’s legacy to her was in trouble and she needed help. Could she trust him? Could she trust herself and the feelings that he seems to provoke within herself?
Together they haven’t a choice whether or not to trust the other. A deadly threat was knocking at their door and what seemed to be was not. Renea and Lazarus needed each other to survive. A force neither knew existed propelled them together into a marriage of survival and a war of past versus future; good versus evil and life versus death was now at their door.
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