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How often have you experienced a physical reaction or change that shocked you beyond your understanding? I’m talking about a single event so absurd and unheard of that you were afraid to tell anyone about it? This book is a personal journey of my own experience with “Morgellons Disease”. A disease that has been kept hush-hush for years by they that know about it. It has been said that it is caused by a chemical knowingly or unknowingly released by the government. It has been leaked into our society in which it is banned. Found to be a genetically modified product poisoning many innocent people. A disease difficult to describe. Difficult because not one of its’ harrowing symptoms can be compared to any other disease. Symptoms so traumatizing many of its’ victims commit suicide. Others suffer in silence. I did just that. After 10 long arduous years of solitude, I have recovered and chose to share my testimony with you. In this profound and self-revealing book, I hope to help other victims and their families to cope with all of the life-changing events that can take place. For all the people suffering from this wretched condition, I hope this brings you comfort knowing you’re not alone. For families suffering with afflicted loved ones...I hope this gives you peace and some guidance through it all.

I won’t stop fighting until “Morgellons” is a household word and people know and see our needs.
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