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Dork for God Diaries- Jesus Loves Me! (And OK, He Loves You too.): Dork for God Diaries, #1

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This book is intended to be a fun way to communicate the Word of God to kids, who may (or may not) love to read.

I want to preface everything written in this book by letting you know immediately that I am not a Pastor, I am not a theology expert, I am not even a Bible expert. (Is anyone really, other than God Himself?)

I'm just a Mom that loves the Lord, and I wanted to share a little of Christ's message in the best way I know how to, by writing.
Who this book is for:

This book is for kids who may not have the benefit of a church that teaches them about God, but DO have parents that love to read with them (or to them), who want to teach their kids about God in their own way, on their own time.

This book is intended for younger children, although there may be some 'tweens and teens who find the material helpful and enjoyable. You know your child best.

And ultimately, this book is for parents and kids that want to know the Lord.

Please know upfront that this book is not a devotional and it's not a prayer guide, it's merely a book intended to share the message that God loves us all, in a way that's enjoyable for the reader. (That'd be you.)

Who this book is NOT for:

See above. Parents and kids seeking a devotional or a prayer guide, this is NOT it.

This is a book intended to share the message that God loves us all, in a way that's enjoyable for the reader... nothing more, nothing less.

Also please know upfront there is no particular order or reasoning behind the verses I chose, other than the fact that I chose them based on the message of love I felt they communicated, and I ordered them based on the flow of the story I was trying to tell.

In other words, there is no method to my madness, only madness. Muahahaha!
(Hmmm. Maybe I should keep the madness bits to myself...)

Stay blessed!

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