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Fatal Romance: The Fatal Series, #3

210 pages3 hours


It was going to be a simple vacation to Las Vegas, then on to New York for Sarah and Dave, after the attack on their lives by a second serial killer in their town. They had to get away. Little did they know that New York would be just as deadly. A man who used the companion ads to date and murder his victims would make their lives far more complicated then ever before. The killer hits close to home and the chase is on for Sarah, Dave and the FBI to find him before he murders the one person who is important to all of them.


Format:Kindle Edition

Fatal Romance by Bob Moats is the author's third book in his 'Fatal' series.

After surviving another brush with a Serial Killer in Fatal Departure, Dave and Sarah are due for a vacation. They set off for New York, with a short stop-over in Las Vegas for a night, where Dave surprises Sarah. In the meanwhile, there is a Serial Killer in New York who is targeting women using companion dating ads. The killer is well organized; killing in one place and dumping the bodies in another, and furthermore, he is leaving no trace evidence for investigators. Within a couple of days of arriving in New York, Sarah's best friend Connie, is taken by the Serial Killer, and with the help of the FBI and local police, the race is on to find Connie and the Killer.

In astonishing twists, turns and gripping suspense, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat. I relish the fast-paced stories that Moats writes; he doesn't drag out a story by describing irrelevant scenes. A must read!

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