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This may sound incredible, but how would you like to understand exactly what the “Sin” in the allegory of Eve in the garden of Eve really means? Who were the sons of God of Genesis 6:4 that gave children to the daughters of men? Where did these sons come from, and what happened to those children? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know who were the people of the land of Nod, where Cain found his wife after slaying his brother Abel in Genesis 4:9–17? This incident had a lot to do with Genesis 6:4. All of these are very important time periods in our ancient ancestors’ history that we learned little or nothing about. In Decoding Major Stories of the Bible, all of this is revealed. You’ll also learn exactly who is Jesus the Son of God.

I searched all of my adult life for this information, in my effort to try and understand the confusion in some of the allegories presented in the Bible. Jesus said the truth will set you free, and I’m free. I understand the true history of our ancient ancestors and how it has affected our planet through the years. Many around the world are beginning to realize that our understanding of ancient history is greatly flawed, and if you don’t understand your past, it’s impossible to understand the future.
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ISBN: 9781452581804
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