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The Luck Formula: How to manifest good luck, helpful opportunities, and positive coincidences

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“Good luck is all about grabbing opportunities when they present themselves. The lucky amongst us simply know how to manifest those opportunities in the first place.” Tony McKendryHave you ever wondered why other people seem lucky? Do you think you’re often missing out on the good luck gravy train? Do you think luck is just random chance – something that you have absolutely no control over?If you answered yes to these questions then you obviously have an open mind and are ready to start absorbing some new thinking. The information in this book will help you understand the origins of luck and how you can create an environment for good luck and positive coincidence to fall into your lap. The good news is you don’t have to try harder, just fill your mind with the knowledge that you will soon discover. Over the next few pages you will benefit from my analysis of over forty years observing both successful (lucky) and unsuccessful (unlucky) people. I call it The Luck Formula, wrapped up in one easy to understand format. You’ll discover the process that will enhance your life in so many ways, so long as you stick to it because this formula for attracting opportunity and success is a proven tool. This very simple formula, and the positive effect it can have on your life, will be progressively presented to you throughout each chapter.If you absorb the main component of this message, and share it with your family, your lives will never be the same again. I am not suggesting you’ll achieve everything you want in life, what I am saying is you’ll improve your present circumstances, get greater piece of mind, and become a far happier person. Success and good luck will come in varying degrees, but they will come.

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