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After wanderers from Earth settled on a new world, conflict developed as the population grew on the land of Mahanaim. Aggressions ended abruptly when a mysterious flood swept over the land to leave a stable poisonous cloud layer that separated the survivors. Those that made it to the mountaintops established separate kingdoms and relied on technology to survive on limited resources. The survivors below the cloud layer lived in deep shadow and poisonous fallout as they developed extra natural abilities that divided them into distinct clans. As time passed the Overlanders became completely dependant on technology as they discounted the existence of the spiritual world. Most of the Underlanders grew to rely completely on the Creator and kept in mind the tricks of the Destroyer.

A prophecy came forth that a Reunitor would be chosen to remove the cloud layer and reunite all the people into a great nation. Centuries passed until the time came when the Creator fulfilled prophecy and chose the Reunitor.

No one imagined that the fate of a land and its people would fall to a careless, spoiled, rebellious teenager from one of the mountaintop kingdoms. Prince Ka’star did not believe in a higher power, had no desire to lead anyone, and did not give a thought to whether survivors existed under the layer of clouds.

What will it take for Ka’star to realize his destiny?

Will he be able to change a lifetime of disbelief and character flaws to become the one to fulfill the tasks of the Reunitor?
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