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Lady Dana was known as the daughter of Duke Raul of Mansfield and the Duchess Virginia of Mansfield. However, her wonderful life was crushed by a few words said by a Gipsy. Shocked by the news from Mona, the Gipsy, Dana began to investigate by running away from home in search of the truth. Dana suffered while in search of the Gipsy’s caravan. A couple of days further into the journey, a young man found her lost in the middle of a field, alone and collapsed on the ground.

Michael gave her food, clothes, and tenderness. He decided to go along with her on her search because he was well aware of the danger that might occur if she were alone. The journey was long, and all that time Dana never mentioned a word to Michael about her origins. The Gipsy, Mona, revealed a mysterious tale to Dana, which sounds totally unbelievable.

Bewildered, they left the camp to discover the truth and prove that some prophecies don’t always come to pass. What Dana really hoped was that she would wake up from the horrible nightmare that was turning her life upside down.

The only good thing that came out of this journey was the love that kept Dana and Michael together. However, a secret still came between their love for each other that caused them to separate.
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