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Credit Secrets: Credit Repair Reveled

56 pages46 minutes


It is estimated that over 70% of Americans will need credit repair by 2015. Creditors are highly skilled at their craft of collecting, leaving the average consumer at a disadvantage. In this book I explain how the credit bureaus and creditors work, how they can violate your legal rights, provide tips on how to effectively dispute your credit as well as provide insight into ChexSystems reporting and how it can affect you. Many people don't realize that they have the RIGHT to have access to the same information that banks collect on you that is used to make credit as well as banking decisions regarding you. Included in this book is sample letters to help you dispute and repair you own credit without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars to a credit repair companies and to help put you back on track, away from bad debt, high interest rates and loan denials. You will be walked through how to obtain your ChexSystems report and how to dispute negative items. You won't spend all day trying to understand what is sent where and when.

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