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A Journey To Happy Single Parenting!: Make Your Dreams Come True While Managing Change.

Length: 22 pages19 minutes


When new single parents all of a sudden are facing set-backs and disappointments in life they all too oftenstop believing in dreams and making them really happen. This book gives the readers step-by-step instructionson ways to dream again and make the dreams come true for themselves and for their children. When we finallybegin to move towards a new life and begin to have some hope for a new future we are often bombarded witha lot of changes that cause pain and even frighten us. So we fight the new changes and we soon find ourselves in a vicious circle making nothing positive happen! Dr. Yoder explains ways to face the fears of changes in our lives and show us how to not only cope with change, but initiate it, as well. Once we can face change without fear and learn to initiate changes we must make for a new future we become joyful and happy again.

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