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Barbed Wire Hookers And Other Stories

Length: 191 pages2 hours


BARBED WIRE HOOKERS AND OTHER STORIES includes following thirteen stories:
1. Barbed Wire Hookers
Follow Sable’s journey from the idyllic coast of Mexico to the wild Nevada desert and cheer her on as she battles authorities, bureaucracy, and legal systems, for her rights to put up an eco-friendly windmill in her Barbed Wire Bordello. Witty and legally accurate account of Quixotic tilting at windmills.
2. Little Bobby Fryer
Childhood friends, college chums, the Viet Nam war, the draft, the millennium, and the present times are all tossed around by the vagaries of fate. A tale where an F-14 fighter jet is purloined, and a Patek Philippe discarded in the snow, and we learn that ultimately Life IS the Treasure.
3. Bad Moon Risin'
4. Tinker’s Damn
Intriguing stories with mysterious endings, depicting precocious summer vacation adventures in Ireland.
5. Croakers
6. Impounded
7. Batman Assassinated
8. A Resurrection
All creatures great and small have stories to recount as their lives are interwoven with human influences and interactions. Dog tales, a pureed fruit bat, and a philosophical fish all weave charming stories harmonizing and unifying the fragile ecologies into one giant Gaia.
9. Vulcan
10. Debutante of Doom
Two stories of ordinary people performing extraordinary feats to fight injustice and alleviate the sufferings of their fellow human beings.
11. Buffaloed
12, A Tin Can Beach
13. JBT III Memorial Barbecue
Murders? Suicides? Accidents? You decide as the mysteries unfold.

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