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Doll Parts

Length: 27 pages20 minutes


To everyone else, Dylan is a normal college student. He gets good grades, works a part time job, and is friendly and polite. Inside though, he has a secret. Dylan has a major love for anime, particularly the ones staring magical girls and women in frilly dresses. He’s even amassed a huge collection of figures and accessories!

It’s the latest addition to his collection that’s about to change Dylan’s life. A new wand has arrived, but unlike the plastic replicas, this one is actually magic. With a wave of his hand, Dylan transforms into a beautiful woman, just like the ones from his favorite anime! His female form doesn’t have defeating bad guys on her mind, no, her interests are much more suited to the bedroom!

Doll Parts is a 5,500 word work of erotic fiction. It contains gender swap, erotic acts, and is meant for an adult audience.

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