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Jessica's Seduction

Length: 68 pages1 hour


Jessica grew tired of dating guys her age who only have one thing on their mind. One particular incident prompts her to break up with her boyfriend and get out of the dating game for the rest of the school year.

However, she still has emotional and physical needs, so she turns to Mr. Wilson. As Jessica implements a “plan” for bringing him around to her way of thinking, their close and sometimes touching relationship evolves dramatically in the months after she graduates high school. By the end of the summer it has turned into one that is more fulfilling than either could have imagined.

* The following contains graphic sexual language and is intended for adult audiences only. All participants are eighteen or older and not related.

Novella length: 19,000+ words.


He made no comment, so I briefly opened my eyes and saw that he was studiously looking off to the left at nothing in particular. “Popsie, it’s okay,” I said, turning his head back towards me. “You can look at my breasts. That’s why I took my bra off. Here, you can touch them, too.”

I took one of his hands and placed it on my right breast and held it there as I slowly began moving my hips. The thought of Popsie inside of me was even more stimulating than the first time, causing my body to shudder uncontrollably. I grabbed his other hand and placed it on my left breast before throwing my head back and bouncing up and down with my legs.

I wanted to keep Popsie’s hands on my chest so he could get used to it, but within a couple minutes my legs got tired, since my entire weight was concentrated on my thighs and knees. Therefore I was forced to lean forward and place my hands back on his shoulders. Then I could renew my bouncing act using both my legs and arms to move faster than before.

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