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Taught: An Erotic Novella

Length: 114 pages1 hour


Everyone at school hates Ms. Hunsaker, and eighteen-year-old Robbie’s no exception. Ever since he was a freshman, he’s wanted to get back at the witchy, domineering history teacher. When a group of friends dare him to break into her house and steal something of sentimental value, he gets his chance.

But Robbie’s attempt at petty theft goes awry when Ms. Hunsaker comes home early. Robbie hides in the bathroom closet, hoping she’ll leave, but instead she takes a shower. And begins to touch herself.

Watching through the crack in the door, Robbie learns a lot that night. He learns his teacher hides a curvaceous body behind her severe dresses. He learns that she’s insatiable and has an affinity for large, black dildos.

But that’s nothing compared to what he’ll learn when she finds out about his night playing peeping Tom. Robbie has a lot to learn, and Ms. Hunsaker is going to see to it that he’s TAUGHT.

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