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Dark as the Grave: The Vampire Flynn, #1

Length: 442 pages6 hours


Book One of The Vampire Flynn Series from USA Today Bestselling Author Peter Dawes

It all started with a murder.

Flynn is a killer of killers - an assassin who targets his own kind, and the perfect weapon in a world of warring immortal factions. But the surefooted steps and quick hands that make him one of the deadliest vampires ever sired are attributes of a mortal destiny which haunts him even beyond death. When his other powers awaken, his coldblooded nature is pitted against the shreds of his humanity that were never completely silenced. His maker would have him bloodthirsty and in her thrall, slaying their enemies to build a dark empire. A quixotic sorceress sees the pieces of his broken and shattered soul, and believes he can become the hero he was always meant to be. Until he knows which side of him will win, Flynn must walk a careful line of deception, because anything other than complete devotion to his maker will cost him his life.

Dark as the Grave was previously published as Eyes of the Seer



The Silence of Ashes #2 - previously published as Rebirth of the Seer

Blade of the Slayer #3 - previously published as Fate of the Seer

Divided by Night #4

Undone by Blood #5

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