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House on Black Hellebone Road (The Hellebone Horror, #1)

71 pages56 minutes


House on Black Hellebone Road is Book #1 of The Hellebone Horror trilogy.

Alone at an isolated manor, real estate agent Luisa unwittingly opens the door to a sexual encounter with an enigmatic stranger and experiences a transformation that will alter her desires forever. She finds herself struggling to hold on to her humanity while she copes with a growing obsession to satiate an unspeakable hunger.

This story contains mature subject matter (including explicit sex and gore) and is suitable for an adult audience.

This ebook contains the dark fantasy paranormal horror story about vampires, House on Black Hellebone Road. This original novella by Victoria Champion is 17,500 words, or approximately 56 pages.

First Edition. Originally published on September 16, 2013.

There are two versions of this story: This one under the pen name Victoria Champion is a reimagined erotic horror novella of a vanilla erotica story titled Open House, originally released under the pen name Victoria Primrose.

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