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"20#6 AD. Following the discovery of the genuine Dead Sea Scrolls, women get to learn it’s a tampered-with version of the Old Testament which was used to keep their foremothers in submission for nearly two millennia. Hilarity fails to ensue.

After a first, scorned, attempt at enforcing the female-friendly newfound teachings, the not-so-weaker gender ends up revolting and snatching the reins of the US administration from the callous hands of Patriarchy. Two novelties will be born out of their reforms towards a healthy and peaceful society: the Collar, an electronic device for suppressing violent impulses in men, and the Pool, the State-run dating service for women.

The first Anniversary of the Revolution is now only a few days away. As the head of the Department of Information, Lisa Fenrich is all too aware of the stakes for her government. What she’s about to discover is that the holes she’s been plugging were trifles compared to the one about to open under her feet.

Disgraced yet unbowed, she will set out on a quest to recover the last secret fragment of the Holy Scriptures. One that would spell the end of the age-old rift between men and women if revealed to the world, but that the Presidentess she so staunchly supports intends to tweak around for her political survival; and maybe more.

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