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Seedy Hills, An Odd Little Town

Length: 130 pages2 hours


Ghosts, vampires, monsters, UFO’s and Bigfoot are all occurrences that the city of Seedy Hills experiences in this collection of short stories. Through them all, newspaper reporter Eric Green tries to answer the questions and solve the mysteries that plague the town. But how can an earth bound reporter make peace with UFO aliens? What can he do against the monsters that lurk in the sewers of this small town? And what can one mortal do against the haunting of ghosts and undead vampires?
In Seedy Hills, an odd little town, citizens believe that a true blood sucking vampire is preying on the residents. One poor soul, bled dry, crashes his pick-up into the Twisty Cone. Ice cream hungry witnesses see the telltale fang marks and hear the ambulance workers comment on a vampire bite. That is all it takes to put the city into turmoil. Vampires in Seedy Hills tells the story of the worst type of vampire. And when Bigfoot turns up in the woods around Seedy Hills the local hunters look forward to their chance to hunt some really big game. The problem is that the big game ends up being smarter than the hunters! But wait! There are even more weird things that happen around Seedy Hills!!
Through the adventure Eric Green, learns about life, love and the fact that he and other people around him have feelings. While reporting the strange events he learns that being from an odd, little, run down town may not be all that bad.

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