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Angular Cheilitis

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The book deals with Angular Cheilitis which is caused by bacteria, fungus, or both bacteria and fungus. This bacteria and fungus is naturally present on healthy people, but is usually kept under control by our body's immune system. However, if our immune system is weakened or if we have any type of mouth trauma it can make it easier for the bacteria and/or fungus that cause Angular Cheilitis to spread.

The disease is common in the mouth corners as the germs (bacteria or fungus) thrive in areas where there is constant moisture. Since the corners of our mouth move so much there are many skin folds and creases for the germs to thrive. As the germs get stronger they weaken and kill the skin cells around it causing the skin to start flaking off. When our body's immune system attacks the germs, it causes the affected areas to become inflamed and swollen. The combination of inflammation, flaking skin, and constant movement of lips makes it very easy for the corners of the mouth to begin to crack and split open.

Complete detailed information on the subject is available within the publication.

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