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Actor - Justin Blasdel

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Justin Blasdel

Justin Blasdel


Version 3

Smashwords Edition Copyright by Justin Blasdel


ACTOR = Smart-mouthed, negative (yet eager) warrior-in-training.

JASON = Sly, Cool Guy who gets what he wants, and is generally a jerk.

BELLEREPHON = Bright-eyed old guy with too much hubris.

THESEUS = Battle-hungry, impetuous man who is insane.

PERSEUS = Arrogant, war-hungry man who takes credit from others.

HERACLES = True warrior and kind hearted, but incredibly depressing.

FERGUS = Moody, sour man behind the desk.

DEION, king of Phocus = Very positive, but cheap and also a jerk.

PEGASUS = Easy-going, mellow winged horse.


Multiple Locations in Greece


Time of Legend

Production Notes: All characters except ACTOR can be played by the same actor.


Bellerophon (bell-AIR-a-fon)

Heracles (HAIR-a-kleez)

Phrixus (FRIX-us)

Phocus (FOCK-us)

Aegean (a-JEE-an)

Thermopylae (therm-OP-el-ay)

Locris (LOW-kris)

drachma (DRACH-ma)

Symplegades (sim-PLEG-a-dees)

Phineus (FIN-e-us)

Ledus (LEAD-us)

Chimera (kim-ER-a)

Medea (me-DEE-a)

Why I’m doing this…


I have many plays that I am now changing into PDF format and posting them online for free. There is a very simple reason for this: I want them to be read. After years of submitting my work to theatres only to receive rejection letters, I’ve realized many things. One, I cannot write mainstream plays. I can’t do it. It’s not as simple as choosing not to write what is popular, but rather an inability to write what is popular. This sounds conceited, I know, but the alternative is to consider the possibility that I have no talent, and I know that isn’t true. Another reason why my plays might not be selected is because I tend to rely on the imaginations of the stage manager and actors to convey a lot of difficult things, which when read at face value might seem like I’m asking for tons of money to be spent on props.

And of course there’s always the slight possibility that I’m unwilling to bend my personal vision in order to fit more coherently with the modern theatre. As someone who looks on both sides of every situation, I have to acknowledge that. However, I believe that is not the case (wholly). I do have a Masters in Drama (Playwriting), a Bachelors in English (Creative Writing) and Anthropology, and a Minor in Religious Studies, so I know I’m mentally competent enough to write stories. Am I infallible? No, but I am quite capable. Honestly, this is probably my last attempt to share my art with the world before I am sucked into a manual labor job which will never be as fulfilling as being a playwright. Side note: I hope that none of my future employers take that previous comment too seriously. I am sure I will need the money.

As far as my plays go, they are free to read and share within the limitations of the websites I’m submitting them to. Productions of said plays are NOT free. They might be if I am contacted and a deal is struck, but making one without every giving me a single notice is not acceptable. I’m a reasonable guy who understands what it’s like to be dirt poor. I probably will be so most of my life. Email me at or contact me through the websites you found my plays on. Hell, a simple good going or that sucked would be appreciated. Spam will not be appreciated. It’s too processed for my stomach to digest.

In closing, I would like to thank my mentor Dr. Roger Gross for helping me develop my abilities, Adam E. Douglass for understanding my humor, Dr. Daniel Levine for instilling a good appreciation of the classics, Prof. Melissa Zabecki Harvey for showing how human the past can be, Prof. Joseph Candido for