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True Repentance

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One reason why believers commit sin with such alarming frequency, committing the same sin over and over is that their eyes have never been opened to the harm that sin does to God. It is a knife thrust willingly into His heart! Another reason why sin is committed so deliberately and with such impunity is that believers have for the most part been unwilling to confront the dangers that sin would cause them in every domain of their lives. A last reason why the same sin could be committed with much frequency is that there had never been true repentance for the first time it was committed. There was also no true repentance for the other sins that were committed. There might have been some worldly repentance but there was no true, godly, biblical repentance. When godly repentance takes place it is more difficult to return to the same sin.

True repentance includes a knowledge of sin, sorrow for sin, confession of sin, forsaking of sin, restitution for sin, forgiveness sought and received, and restoration to the heart of God. We will dwell at some length on the first five steps above and say very little on the sixth and seventh. This is because the sixth and the seventh steps: forgiveness sought and received and restoration sought and received, flow naturally after the first five steps have been handled the way God wants.

We are aware that basically, only God can work out true repentance in the human heart. We also know that God will work out true repentance in the hearts that are prepared to co-operate with Him. Whatever God does, He will not repent in man's place; He cannot repent for man. Man must repent for himself in response to God's move. The person who is prepared to repent, will find God more than willing to help him. The question of who initiates repentance: God or man, may bring us to the same question as, AWhich came first, the egg or the hen? It does not matter which came first. It is important that we have hens and eggs and eggs and hens. Man's responsibility is to do all to repent. He can trust God to faithfully do His part.

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