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Death Plummet

Length: 333 pages5 hours


Su DeBois, CEO and Artist,who is pregnant, is commissioned to do a sculpture for the university in Prince George, British Colombia while her husband, Jean,US Marshal, is undercover to bring down a terrorist cell based in the wilderness of British Colombia. Su must travel alone to the university to finalize the commission. She transfers planes in Denver unknowing that the terrorist cell will highjack the plane with the remote control they planted an the plane.Thirteen thousand feet in the air the terrorist activates the remote device. The captain and hiscrew fight to regain control of the airliner before the terrorist destroys the plane killing everyone on board. The stress is too much on the hull of the passenger cabin, buckling the side of the plane, ripping it open and expelling Su and two other passengers from the plane at four thousand feet into the wilderness. Now Jean must figure out how to rescue Su at the same time bring down the terrorist cell all before a massive blizzard blankets the wilderness in three feet of snow wiping out any trace of Su's existence.

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