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The Dabawis and the Shargawis

Length: 164 pages2 hours


These short stories were written after many visits to Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates. They are based on places visited, people met and conversations or events witnessed or experienced.

The short stories are meant to entertain through the minute observation of day to day life. They are also occasionally funny simply because human beings can be very funny. At other times they are full of pathos and are touchingly ironic without lacking compassion.

Maybe the best people to talk about Mikdadi's writing are his readers and critics.

These are some of the things that they have said about Faysal Mikdadi's work:

Christmas Stories
•Such a pleasure to be reading Faysal Mikdadi's moving collection of Christmas Short Stories which vivify with simple and touching beauty the core of an inner world most familiar to us all, though captured with such sensitivity and grace. For an ideal gift this Christmas, look no further.
•To enter into the imagination behind this wonderfull collection of festive short stories is to be drawn back to a childhood where certainly father Christmas, with his wide and friendly girth, managed to squeeze down the tightest gap blackly pollinated with ash to deliver joy in his white and crimson splendour; and more importantly deliver the truth and light which, only too soon, become Christmas past as too do our dreams. So one and all read, drink in and be decidedly merry with this erudite gem. Merry Christmmmas!!!
•This is a wonderfully moving and evocative collection of Christmas Stories. 'Childhood Journey' had me reaching out for my box of tissues. A perfect Christmas read.
•Return was a superb experience. I have re-read it several times over the last five or so years. I am so pleased that Mikdadi has now written this collection of evocative, funny, innocent and touching short stories. Perfect for Christmas. I strongly recommend it to everyone.
•This is such a wonderful and touching work. Each story brings out the best and warmest feelings about Christmas. Reading these stories will fill your heart with happiness, and occasionally, your eyes with warm tears of contentment. Well worth reading and re-reading on a dark snowy Christmas Eve.

•Return by Faysal Mikdadi is a brilliant novel, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always gripping. It is the kind of book that leaves a lasting impression. An unmissable read.
•I really enjoyed Return. The first part is written from a child's viewpoint and it is great. It is difficult to forget the lovely images. It is terrible what the Diaspora can do to people. Heartbreaking to see a life destroyed by history and personal abuse. But little Saif keeps going and that message is beautifully optimistic. Can anyone tell me about other works by Mikdadi?
•Wow! This novel is so moving and so touching. Sometimes it is also very funny especially at the beginning in the memorable childhood chapters. But maybe its greatest quality is the way that it applies to all of us. There is something about it that feels as if it is a story about me. A real feel good factor. I loved it. I hope that my family will love it too because they are all getting it as their Christmas present. Are there other works by Mikdadi out there?
•Answer to Ms. Sidani's query, yes, you can get other works by Faysal Mikdadi. Amazon lists several works such as Tamra and a book of poetry called A Return: The Siege of Beirut. I also found some short stories by Mikdadi on the Web. Just enter Faysal Mikdadi on your search engine and you should get several titles. I hope that this helps.

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