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Bright (The House On Glass Beach Book 2)

Length: 585 pages9 hours


Monty and Walter meet under extraordinary circumstances. One life is saved and two lives are forever changed when two men, one an out and proud gypsy at heart, the other a shy recluse left blind and seriously ill by a farm accident, fall deeply and irrevocably in love. Neither of them can explain the fierce bond between them, and as time goes by, they find it impossible to live apart.

The two men get married, and later, they befriend a young woman and joyfully plan to have a family together with her assistance, but their happiness and dreams will soon be shattered by an ever-present evil that has been in their family from the very beginning. After two lost pregnancies, their lives begin to come apart and the strength they have always found in one another begins to wane. Monty, Walter, and Natalie will be put through a relentless gauntlet that will force all three of them to examine themselves and learn what it takes to stand strong in defense of their dreams.

"Laura Susan Johnson has created another unforgettable story of love and courage in the face of adversity...beautifully frustrating..." Patsy Moran, Lycos

"...frightening...a story of survival, warmed with hope and human dignity, but chilled with the reality of evil, a much more convincing "horror" story than any paranormal scare-fest can conjure up." The Boise Bookiee

"Poetic...a complicated universe within one family." Naomi Gomes, Goodreads

"A very inspirational romance about two young men and their long journey from attraction to love to marriage to family. It is a long hard road to travel but well worth the result." Therese, Goodreads

"Walter feels a connection to Monty right away & knows that there's something between them even though he's never been with anyone.Monty is a drifter, doesn't want to be tied down to anyone or any place, but he quickly develops feelings for Walter that he can't help & even though he's self destructive he wants to be a better person with Walter." Lisa, Books Are My Drugs

"A sprawling and captivating m/m romance..." Michelle MacIsaac, Goodreads

"The main thing that I came away with was that we don’t get to hand-pick the person we are attracted to and fall in love with. Life throws curveballs, and no matter what our plans, we need to expect changes and make the best of them....It's an interesting read, has many adventures into scary territory, lots of kink sprinkled in, and a fight to break the cycles of abuse, dysfunctional families, alcoholism, untreated mental illness and so very much more" Gigi, MM Good Book Reviews

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