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A Distant Flickering Light

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While Tracy, Lily and Jake were on holiday at the family holiday bungalow in a game reserve, Tracey spotted a distant flickering light that she knew should not be in that area.
Often when she was alone at the house she sat and watched the light and became mesmerized by it, for it seemed to draw her towards it and make her think about Johnny, her husband, that had died a year ago.
When she told Jake and Lily about what she had seen and how it made her feel, Jake raised his eyebrows and tried to make light of it But later, Lily whispered to Jake that the light might have come from the derelict burned out farm house where his grandparents had once lived. He agreed and told her that his grandparents died in the fire that destroyed the house. Then he suggested that the old farmhouse might be haunted. Lily disputed this, but said that maybe Tracy is on to something and that someone was living there. They both laughed, but agreed not to tell Tracy about this.
Several days later when Tracy was alone and Jake and Lily are out on a game drive, she picked up the smell of burning grass on the breath of the wind, and walked outside to investigate. She couldn't actually see any evidence of a fire. So still feeling curious about the light, she picked up the two-way radio and headed out into the veld.
She quickly found an animal track that lead in the right direction and decided to follow it. Then after a time, she spotted a figure wearing a green anorak that was walking just ahead of her. Then since Johnny had always worn such an anorak, she felt compelled to follow him.
The figure moved very quickly and Tracy was hard-pushed to keep up the pace, but once he had crossed a stone bridge that spanned a broad river, his pace slackened and he headed along an old track. Tracy lost sight of him, but she headed in the same direction and eventually came across a burned out farmhouse.
As she walked along the foundations and tumbled down walls, she wondered who had once lived there. Then passing through the frame of the old front door, she walked out into the yard, and a sharp crackling sound made her turn around. And she noticed with fear, that a fire fanned by a strong wind, was now raging on the opposite bank of the river where she had just been walking.
In desperation she looked around for the figure she had been following, but he was nowhere to be seen...

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