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Demon Lover

Length: 366 pages5 hours


Over a difficult winter, Caitlin Ross has led a simple life preparing for the birth of her first child. Now spring and her due date are imminent, and she’s about to find out that for a witch married to a shaman, life never stays simple for long. When she witnesses a chance encounter between her husband and Gordarosa’s new dance teacher, Caitlin discovers they once were lovers. Timber swears he wants nothing to do with his old flame. But the dance teacher has magic of her own, and she’ll stop at nothing to get Timber back.

When a local girl with a crush on Timber is murdered, the sheriff arrests Caitlin’s husband for the crime. Caitlin suspects her rival of framing Timber out of revenge, and sets out to clear his name. In her quest, she uncovers a motive far deeper and more dangerous that simple retribution. To bring Timber home, Caitlin must sacrifice her very being, and make an alliance with a Power as old as Love itself.

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