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How to Use MailChimp for Beginners: The Indie Author's Guide to Email Marketing

How to Use MailChimp for Beginners: The Indie Author's Guide to Email Marketing

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How to Use MailChimp for Beginners: The Indie Author's Guide to Email Marketing

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Dec 1, 2014


As an indie author you may have heard a thing or two about starting an email list. But what if you're not sure where to start? Nowadays there are so many options available to you--AWeber, Constant Contact, iContact, Vertical Response and so many others--but one of the most popular is MailChimp.

If you've ever wanted to try MailChimp but weren't sure where to start or possibly found it intimidating, then this is the book for you. Follow along with simple step-by-step instructions that will make it easy to master sending your first campaign and get you connecting with your fan base.

In this short guide you'll discover:

-How to set up your account and start your first list
-How to build various types of signup forms
-How to build your first campaign
-How to understand analytics
-Ideas for building your mailing list
-General tips and do's and don'ts for writing your campaigns
-Explore further integrations such as WordPress plugins, mobile apps, Facebook and tablet forms

Email marketing shouldn't be hard and it shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg either so sit back, pull up a seat, and let's start building you some new skills.

Approx. 50 Pages

Dec 1, 2014

About the author

Adam Netherlund has worked in two bookstores in his young life and it was there that his passion for books began to really take hold. Adam enjoys reading mysteries, thrillers, and pulp books from days long past. He is currently working on his first crime thriller entitled Eyes of the Dead, the first in a series, which is expected to be released in Fall 2014. He lives in Ontario, Canada with his wife and their pug, Vincent. Visit his website at: adamnetherlund.com Sign up to be notified of new releases at: bit.ly/adamnetherlund (just copy and paste into your browser) Like him on Facebook at: facebook.com/adamnetherlund

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Book Preview

How to Use MailChimp for Beginners - Adam Netherlund

How to Use MailChimp for Beginners:

The Indie Author’s Guide

to Email Marketing

Adam Netherlund


Copyright © 2014 by Adam Netherlund


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Chapter 1


As an indie author it’s important to be connected with your fans and have the ability to communicate with them when you have important news to share like a new release or convention appearance.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to have a newsletter and it’s important to start one early or you could potentially be limiting yourself as an author.

When you start a newsletter and begin taking email addresses from your fans, you build the foundation that could become very useful to you in the future. Think of it as an inverted pyramid. The small tip is where you are now—just beginning to get those email addresses. As you gain more fans, it starts building, getting just a bit bigger but then over time it gets bigger and bigger like the base of a pyramid.

But how do you get there? Where do you start?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

First things first, who is this book meant for? This book is for beginners who are seeking to use email marketing and specifically MailChimp in their marketing efforts.

There are quite a few different options available to you but I have the most experience using MailChimp so that’s where my focus will lie. Some of the alternatives include AWeber, Constant Contact, iContact, Vertical Response, et cetera.

This book is also specifically for people who are not looking to spend a lot of money in order to perform said marketing efforts. It can be expensive trying to get your first book published. I believe everyone should start small at first, an almost grassroots approach

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  • (5/5)
    Written with a beginner to email marketing in mind, the rules, forms, links, formats, analytics, traffic analysis, as outlined, with Mail Chimp as the guide. The idea of reaching as many contacts, readers, customers as possible, within a monkey's reach. Bananas being the fruit to reach or strive for, a bountiful amount, easily liked, universal number one produce item, you would hope this program could elevate an individual/drive up their business to a positive, higher level. Blitzing, mail merge, sharing, other options to help create a profitable campaign. Being an indie author in such an influential industry, I would adhere to the author's discretion. Thank you for instructions.