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In The Rapture: Biblical Fact or Man’s Tradition, author Dr. Dena Stevens considers a subject called “rapture”— pertaining to the end-times and embraced by many—to determine if it is actually taught in the Bible, or if it is only a tradition of men. The consequences of accepting or rejecting this doctrine are of such importance to the eternal, spiritual destiny of man that it is deserving of very close examination.

Stevens goes back to the account at the beginning in Genesis, examining scriptural descriptions of God’s divine plan for the world from both the Old and New Testaments, as well as His reasons for placing man on the earth in flesh bodies. She then takes an in-depth look into some of the areas that God’s people have not understood and serves to clarify some questions we have often pondered, but for which we have found no real answers.

Stevens examines future prophetic events of the end-times and man’s role in them in order to answer the question of her study: is the rapture a doctrine taught in the Bible, or is it only a tradition that man has devised for his own comfort and salvation?

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