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Animal ABC's, All of God's Creatures

Length: 35 pages1 minute


Animal ABC's, All of God's Creatures is part of Utopian Dreams ~ Compass Books. This is another fun, educational picture book, including photographs from award winning Chown Photography, one for each letter of the alphabet! Help your child learn their ABC’s, while learning about many of God’s creatures. This inspirational book will help you create a heartwarming memory for you and your child, while building their Faith.

Animal ABC's, All of God's Creatures is part of Angela Charles newest collection, Utopian Dreams ~ Compass Books. Compass Books are children’s picture books that help you share inspiration and faith with your children. Each book contains beautiful photographs and an educational message or heartwarming story that will assist you in building your child’s moral compass. Faith, Acceptance, Honesty, Respect, Spirituality, Loyalty, Self-Respect, Compassion, Empathy, Environmentalism, Volunteerism are all part of a moral compass. Be sure and check out our other inspirational children's books.

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