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Activities to Facilitate Motor and Language Skills with Household Materials: Parent Resource Series, #1

109 pages38 minutes


Activities for toddlers or school aged children to work on fine motor, gross motor, language and social skills in a family setting
Uses household materials

As a parent of a special needs child, Dr. Kelley found that as she searched for materials regarding her own child’s needs, they were sparse and often not parent friendly.  As a promise to her son and families in need, she has developed a parent version of many of the books she’s developed in an effort to allow parents access to materials that would otherwise be restricted by having access to a therapist.  That being said, it should be noted, in no way are these materials meant to replace a trained therapist; however, many of the activities developed can easily be implemented by families without challenge.  The Parent Resource Series strives to be an easy-to-use resource for families seeking tools and activities for their child, regardless of disability or ability.

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