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Lance Hawkins returns home to find his parents and little brother killed and mutilated. His two sisters Iona and May Lynn are taken captive by the marauding Shawnee Warriors along with their ally the Frenchman St Georges. Taking the trail of the raiders it leads to the Trent Farm where his lifelong sweetheart has also been taken captive and her family killed. Swearing to his badly wounded brother Lucas he would never quit the trail until every warrior and every Frenchman responsible for the atrocity’s were dead Lance heads deep into the bloody hunting grounds of the Shawnee and Abernaki Indians. Only pure hatred and the need for revenge would able one so young as Lance Hawkins too overcome the mighty Shawnee Nation and St Georges. A great read that will keep you turning the pages. Adventure, action, and romance for anyone who loves the frontier and our bygone days.

A whole lifetime of work around cowboys, horses, mountain people and rodeo is put into this authors novels. Years and years of sitting around campfires listening to real life cowboys, and their true stories of the open range. The author was born and raised in the beautiful Kiamichi Mountains of southeastern Oklahoma where a horse and dog is still needed to work the wild mountain cattle. The author has raised a family and made his living breaking and shoeing horses, and working cattle. Read one of his novels, they’re the real McCoy, full of action, suitable and enjoyable for any age western novel reader.
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