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Stalking is not love is my account of what my family and I have gone through since I left my ex-husband. It details 3 years of us being stalked, from high speed chase to emails. I refuse to live a life of fear, a life that is non-functional. I will not feel guilty about not loving someone. A person has the right to end a relationship if they are not happy, the right not be harassed or stalked. Stalking is not love, it is a crime. It also is one of the hardest crimes to be convicted of. I know because I am currently experiencing this very situation. I receive emails, phone calls and have had the passwords on personal accounts changed because the stalker knows my SSN. The stalker parks his car down the street from my home and sits for hours. When he gets fed up he rings my doorbell angrily and leaves. These are just a few of the things I go through daily.

I know there are others who are going through the same thing that I am currently experiencing. Some who are hurt or has lost their lives. Maybe our stories can come together and form a band of women, men, boys, girls, people or simply the stalked and be heard. We need help.

Stalking is not love. I have a father that has loved me since birth. My father protected me and kept me safe. I have five brothers that love me dearly. I know what it is like to be truly loved by a man. I have a heavenly father tha tloves me unconditionally and protects me. God is my source and refuge. A person would not hurt what they love.

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