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Aristotelian-inspired Screenwriting: A Simple Guide to Complex Storytelling

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Aristotelian-Inspired Screenwriting takes you inside the heart and soul of the screenplay like no other book has done. Jason Kent explains how films can be written to make us feel like we are not only watching a story unfold before our eyes but actually living the lives of the characters. Drawing on fundamentals taught by Aristotle over 2000 years ago, Kent sweeps away much of the sand that has buried the essence of visual storytelling to reveal truths about scriptwriting, and also truths about life, and reminds us that films are primarily an imitation of life; so to understand the art of screenwriting you need to understand life itself. Kent explains Aristotelian concepts such as story unity, catharsis and complex plotting with a step-by-step script development process that will enlighten both novices and experienced screenwriters alike, and help to greatly improve their work. This book is essential reading for any film or television professional, as well as students, academics, or anyone interested in the art of storytelling or the complexities of the human mind.

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