Keep It Real is a novel about the true events of Lexus and Malik. It is the tell all saga, the deep things Malik did not tell
you. There are similar events in this book to Malik's version but it goes a little deeper and into more detail; for instance, Malik did not
tell you what type of man he is with his women, the abuse, and the forbidden secrets he hid about his sexuality, and the cold hearted
nature he has towards his children, the compulsive lies, and the deceit, and how he really has a condescending hate towards women.

It all started out in a small town in the East Coast. I grew up in a small suburban area and was not exposed to too much of the outside world. My curiosity took me into the negative life style that I experienced when I walked in my own path at an early age before I was ready to even experience life. That was a long horrible path of secrets, deceit, abuse and human behaviors that I have never imagined. Some never find there way back but thanks to the Most High , I did not stray too far away and all was not lost. Today I encourage women and others in abusive, and difficult relationships and situations that they are not alone and there is help, and you don't have to stay in these nonproductive situations. You have to see it for what it is and elevate your mind and the rest will follow.
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