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You matter. The purpose of B is to help you and our planet.
If enough people live in a positive way, the impact will be great.

Combining Benjamin Franklin’s proven process for self improvement
with teachings distilled from Chief Seattle, Gandhi,
Gracian, Kennedy, Lao Tsu, Moses, and other great people:

B is a how-to, quality-of-life, self-help guide.
B is a short book meant to be read for a long time.
B is a process, a search, a way of life.

We hope you find B easy, fun, and helpful.
If you incorporate only one page into your life each week,
in a year you will B. Remember, the journey is the answer.
You can make a difference for our planet, your fellow beings,
and yourself!

Aspire to B.
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B - Lee B. Silverman

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