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Author Timothy Wright, wrote this book “Blue Collar Players” which stemmed from several reasons one top motive was his Inner desire that, he wanted it to become a reality - from mind to a book. Additional reasons where:
1) LIFE EXPERIENCES; (Others can relate too or see other aspects and perspectives)

2) LAUGHTER; He wanted to share laughter with many people, (In which he knows laughter is
medicine for the soul).

3) LOVE; He wanted to share moments of innocent Love (Pure love experiences)

4) IMPRESSION; He wanted to share how others can Influence (Many can impact one’s life either in
positive and/or negative manner)

5) LUST; (Each person can experience lust even if that’s not their focus in the beginning)

6) DECISIONS; Choices, Choices, Choices and Last Choices (“While we are free to choose our
actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions.” “We can try to
avoid making choices by doing nothing, but even that is a decision. It's choice--not
chance--that determines your destiny.”)

7) DELIGHT; overall the author wants everyone to get enjoyment from the reading of this book.
Surely, Blue Collar Players is a book that the authors hope many enjoy; he knows that everyone has a story in their life that someone in the world can relate too. Reminiscing or what some people will call, back in the day until this current time, many have influential impact whether in actions, non-action or conversation. Whether it is girl talk, guy talk, women and/or men talk; we all can help each other by sharing the experience of one’s life. It is great that you are getting to know us. Did you ask who is the us? (Us is; the author, characters of the story, neighbors, associates, friends, teachers, entrepreneurs,
business owners, blue collar workers and people who serve you or others on a daily basis.

From the Author to Readers and Supporters thank you to all who assisted, encouraged, invested time, talent; and purchased this book Blue Collar Players.

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