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Java for Black Jack: Learn the Java Programming Language in One Session by Writing and Running a Java-Based Card Game Simulation

70 pages37 minutes


Have you ever wished you could learn a new skill with one reading? Especially a skill that could pay you over $100,000 a year? Wish no longer. With his latest title, Java for Black Jack, famed teacher U.Q. Magnusson will get you going in the dominant programming language of the Internet, Java.

Within this compact, easy-to-read Micro-Manual, you will learn the Java programming language by writing and running a Java-based simulation of the card game Black Jack. U.Q. presents the logic of this simple game as a fully functioning, completely coded Java application. His breezy, easy-to-understand narrative is enhanced with pithy, in-depth discussions. All of his snippets are formatted especially for the E-Book, and many are annotated with embedded explanations. A comprehensive glossary and complete source code round out the experience. He even includes a feature not often found in programming texts, explicit instructions on how to compile and run your own Java program. And he does all of this in less than 60 pages!

There is no bull in Java for Black Jack. From the very first words, you will absorb the principles of Java, including classes, objects, methods, attributes, inheritance, exceptions, and expressions. Because you will be having fun while you do so, you will retain more of this knowledge. And when you are finished with Java for Black Jack, you will know all that you need.

Don’t wait. The future is now. Because the sooner you’re coding, the sooner you’re making money.

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