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Sweetness for the Billionaire

Length: 34 pages18 minutes


When Joy heads back to billionaire Mark’s vacation home, their hands end up everywhere except where they’re supposed to.…

They find love in the Jacuzzi, while wild partygoers enjoy various other rooms and outdoor areas in his multi million dollar mansion. Joy is a woman who is successful in her own right, and the dominance and ambition shown by Mark is intoxicating.


“Oh my,” Joy said with a sexy giggle, looking Mark in his eyes, as if to say that she realized that she was being handled by a real man.
“It’s the only way I know,” Mark said, reading her mind.
Their lips locked and wrestled, and Joy felt like she was going to explode, as the pressure of his fingers felt so right and so good teasing to her.
As he wrapped his arms around her waist and hoisted her out of the tub and onto the edge, Joy grew even hotter, as she loved being manhandled. She looked around and noticed people passing by and engaging in passionate enthralls of their own. Their sounds of passion and pleasure only brought out the fire and competition in her. If everyone else was getting some tonight, then so was she.

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