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An Angel Tamed (Dark Knight Reborn, #4)

Length: 68 pages1 hour


Angels cursed with humanity, find redemption in love

Can an angel find happiness on earth? Can he find true love even though the one he loves is unknowing of his deception?

Erick Angell is withholding secrets that might devastate the one he loves. Should he tell her and risk losing her?

Hollianne Talbot has found the man of her dreams, or so she thinks. But who really IS Erick Angell? Can she put her faith and love into someone whose mysterious past and strange absences are an enigma? Can both Erick and Hollianne find love forever?

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READER ADVISORY: This story contains contents that some reader may find objectionable, including sex and erotic themes.


THE answer came when Hollianne spread her thighs apart and lifted her hips as she put a hand around him to guide him into her. Looking directly into his eyes, she wrapped her legs around the lower part of his back and used her body to pull him into her even deeper.

Then they ceased moving at all.

Erick stared down into Hollianne's brilliant green eyes with his ice-blue ones. He was looking at her with an expression filled with so much wonder, that her heart swelled with an emotion she thought she had forgotten. Her heart began to ache. It was like this was the first time he ever did this.

No, that couldn't be right. But she ceased thinking when a slight whimper escaped her when he slowly started to move within her. Pushing first deep into her and then pulling back before pushing in again.

"I never dreamed anything could feel this way," he whispered.

He suspicion flared up again. "Just... just keep moving like you are," she whispered. "That feels soo good, Erick."

"I'm not hurting you, am I?" he asked.

"Oh god no!" she smiled. "I can't explain it to you but you are not hurting me, I promise you."

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