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The Man-eaters of Malgoonda and the Last Days of Louella Lobo Prabhu

Length: 104 pages1 hour


An affectionate yet Uncensored and UnWhitewashed picture of Mangalore and its diverse characters, and of the thoughts and experiences of one of its rare sons who decided to defy social control and resign from an elite and powerful civil service position to become a writer.

The Mangalorean Catholic community, described in this book, is one of those small ethnic groups that barely succeed in surviving globalization and being swallowed up by majority cultures.

Richard Crasta, the author of the bestselling novel The Revised Kama Sutra, knew Louella Lobo Prabhu, a Mangalorean celebrity, over a period of more than thirty years, and met her five days before her death. Crasta writes an intimate and affectionate essay about her and her society.

The book also contains the voices and interviews of Mangalorean characters such as Dennis Britto, Malcolm Noronha, Father Claude, an unnamed and spirited Bunt woman, Reuben Nazareth, and others.

This book is also available in print.

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