Sherlock Holmes And the Woman In Concrete
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This is a continuation of the best-selling "Sherlock Holmes And the Man In Concrete" now also available in German and Spanish.

A concrete block with the head of an attractive young woman exposed is discovered at low tide, Police Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard is baffled, and asks Sherlock Holmes  for assistance. Holmes and Watson find that this terrible crime is clueless in terms of evidence, but Holmes realises that the absence of any clue is itself an important clue. There is only one man in England capable of such a foul crime, so expertly carried out, and that is Holmes's nemesis the master criminal Moriarty.

This is not as it first appears a crime of passion, but an attempt by master criminal Moriarty to keep Sherlock Holmes occupied, while Moriarty steals an unusually large shipment of gold bullion recently received by the Bank Of England.

Holmes and Watson confirm that the gold bullion is very well protected, but Holmes predicts the gold will soon be missing, and the next morning he receives a message that the bullion is gone! It has vanished into thin air, and the guards saw or heard nothing suspicious.

Holmes investigates, and the missing gold is nowhere in sight. Then- but to find out what Holmes does to brilliantly solve the terrible crime of the woman in concrete, and retrieve the enormously valuable missing gold bullion, read the ebook.

If you like reading about Sherlock Holmes you will enjoy reading this ebook. With 10 illustrations and hyperlinked chapters this literary quality ebook, written in the style of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Victorian England, is a bargain at only 99 cents.

Phillip Duke Ph.D.

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