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Tasting Her Sweet Chocolate

Length: 27 pages16 minutes


Jeff goes to his favorite massage parlor after a workout, and notices a new beauty, Candy. He sweet talks her until she practically melts all over him. Candy is used to men being threatened by her or intimidated, but Jeff is all man, and is not afraid to prove it.


“But do you know how we’re going to start this out?” I asked.
She shook her head again. I liked that she was going along with whatever I said.

That’s how I know I had her. I have to get full submission before I give pleasure. It’s better that way, because that’s what women really want. It’s just not sexy for them to have to ask a man to take control. You have to just to be credible, so that they feel safe being with a real man. And you can’t call me anything less than a real man.

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