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A Lord In Her Bed: A Regency Erotica

Length: 19 pages16 minutes


Joanna's mourning is over, and she's very ready to take a lover. She's heard many a whisper warning her away from the Earl of Redmire - but what is the secret of his seductions?


EXPLICIT - This short erotic story contains explicit scenes of Regency ecstasy between a woman and her lover.

Excerpt: "Joanna," said a soft voice behind her, and Joanna shivered. Perhaps fresh air was not all she had hoped for; the Earl of Redmire had been quietly paying attentions to her all the week, and she would not object if he chose to pay her a few more in the rose-scented dusk. "You are cold; I have brought you a shawl."

"You are very kind," she murmured, and let him drape the thin silk over her shoulders, his fingers lingering to brush a stray curl from her neck. "Thank you, your grace."

"I wish you would call me Harry," he said. "I have made myself free of your name, after all."

"You have indeed," she said, and cast him a glance from under lowered lashes that she hoped was alluring. "But everyone knows the Earl has no care for propriety."

"Oh! How cruel you are," he said, laughing. "Have you been warned against me, my dear Joanna?"

"Every girl is warned against you when she makes her bow to society," Joanna said, which was true, but perhaps not the whole truth. She had been warned again when she re-entered society after her period of mourning was over; the Earl enjoyed the newly widowed, who were accustomed to a man in their bed, but not yet jaded by a succession of lovers. Indeed, it had been an astonishment to Joanna how many gentlemen had been eager to sample her favours now her maidenhead was long surrendered; men who would shy away from a marriageable miss made the most open advances to her.

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