aHunter4Life: aHunter4Hire, #3

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aHunter4Life: aHunter4Hire, #3

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars4/5 (3 ratings)
Length: 245 pages3 hours


'She was near.

Deep in his bones, her essence surrounded him and the memory of her was an ache that eight long years had not dulled. His head spun with the possibilities of what this meant. His breath caught in his throat; he forced himself to exhale. He'd been frantic to find her, but his efforts had been futile. She chose this moment, when he was on assignment in Beverly Hills, to reach out for him.

Why now?

Why here?'

When her son is kidnapped, Selena contacts aHunter4Hire. The last person she expects to see is the mercenary she believes betrayed her years earlier. No longer young and innocent, she can't deny that the passion between them still burns. She has rejected their bond and hid from him. Dare she trust him with rescuing her son?

Catal is an alien who has been stranded on Earth since he was ten years old. He is a Hunter, an ancient breed of warriors that have been modified and enhanced to be the best soldiers in the universe. Sent on a mission to rescue a missing child, he finds Selena, the woman who haunts him. She is his pair bond and mate, and he will risk his life to bring her son back alive.

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