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Spank Me, I've Been Naughty

Length: 57 pages39 minutes


Every girl enjoys a nice, hard, swat on the ass from time to time. These stories involve ladies who get that and more from alpha males who know how to handle a woman…

Don’t Tell My Husband You Spanked Me

A late night sexting session with the sexy neighbor downstairs has Judy hot...

When her husband steps into the shower in the middle of the night, she uses it as her opportunity to sneak away. Time is not on her side, can Judy make it back before her husband gets out of the shower?

Riding My Cowboy:

When Martina gets caught in an akward "intimate" position by the owner of the bed and breakfast she's a guest  at, she realizes her appetite has gotten out of control. She had been going at it day and night, with nothing able to squelch her heat.

One morning on her way to breakfast, she notices a handsome, cowboy getting in a workout in the barn next door. His muscles rippled under his sunkissed tan skin as the sweat poured off of him in droves. When she approached him, Martina quickly finds herself hogtied and with a man of the likes she has never seen. And yes, the cowboy kept his hat on the entire time!

WARNING, this story is hotter than hot and sticky ALL over.

Choke Me and Spanke Me 

Janice is cheating on her husband with a man that will give her what she needs: a man that’s not afraid to be nice and rough.

Will she get away with it? Read on to find out!

WARNING! This sizzling story is red hot and raunchy and deifintely not for the weak at heart!


“Beg me to spank you,” Robert said, as he held his large leather strap belt in his hand.
“Please spank me Robert,” she said.

“Who is Robert?” he asked.

Janice bit her lip and bowed her head. She knew full well that she was going to have to be more submissive before he would deliver his delicious punishment to her.

“Please spank me daddy,” Janice said.

“Why should I spank you?” Robert said.

“Because I’ve been naughty,” she responded.

“How naughty have you been?”

Robert was getting a kick out of this. Janice loved seeing his cocky side come out.

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