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Wheel and Deal - Part 2 (Forgotten Thrones)
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On a planet rife with strife, class warfare is brewing to new heights, and it brings out the libertine in everyone.

A brand new epic fantasy with explicit erotic/adult contents, you’ll be swept into an exotic land of crime and passion, betrayal and lust. In a dark world with exciting races, sexy plots, and plenty of struggle and pain, you’re invited to indulge your darker side. If you’ve ever found yourself reading Dungeons and Dragons novels or other epic fantasies, and craved more sexuality, this series is for you!

Wheel and Deal – Intro starts the stories of several characters. Zwi is a half demon that enforces her vampire boss' rule. Jren is a studly playboy that's struggling to keep his business afloat. Ralen looks up to his big sister Vierae, and he wants to please her. To have her use him as she needs. Hau'glin catches a vampire assassin in his snowy lodge and has to face the fact that his past has come back to haunt him. The Satyr Grie and his mistress / succubus slut Asa have big plans to grab some power for themselves.

Contains explicit adult content including a very sexy, dominant demoness and two dark elf siblings that are a little too close for comfort. Wheel & Deal Pt. 2 is the second half of the Prelude to Forgotten Thrones. Over 20k words.



Hand sliding across a bare, exotically hued ass cheek on its way to return to her hip, he leaned in, "You're breath taking," and the breathy way he said it made it sound quite literal.

"I'm glad you think so," she said with a teasing, lusty gaze, "I've been thinking about getting you up here all day."

His fingers webbed out along her hip, rubbing up and over it to her stomach and back down. "The feeling is mutual, dear Nixy. You managed to steal the spotlight from the morning sun when I awoke to your lovely face," his lips pressed just below her ear before he led her towards the tub, rarely taking his eyes from her.

She shifted from him, kneeling to turn on the warm bubbles, her body posed in such a simple, yet provocative manner. Her ass was stuck up in the air over her toned legs, her shoes slowly dipping from the back of her heels, a small black tattoo above her right buttock in the shape of some abstract design. He brought his hand from her hip to trace his finger along the strange marking curiously.

She turned her head to him, slowly moving from the position on all fours, slipping into one of the seats with a soft moan of pleasure.

Following after her, he gave a pleased sigh, fanning his arms out around the edge, "Luxury, dear Nixy. You are a fortune woman," he let his fingers touch along her skin, "what's that mark on your back about? It's lovely," he said with a smile.
She moved into his lap, her back pressing against his front, hair spilling over his shoulder as she looked up at the darkening sky, "Mmm, I got it last week. Do you like it?" she asked, "I mean, really, you don't think it's tacky?"

His two long arms wrapped around her across her lower stomach. It was hard to keep cool with such a beautiful woman in ones lap, nude, but luckily he released some tension earlier in the day with the red head. He gave her neck a light peck, followed by a squeeze of her in his arms, "I think it's absolutely beautiful, befitting the woman who wears it." He felt himself stir beneath her, a combination of her sensual form and the tickle of the massaging bubbles at work upon him.

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