Ardanna never knew a life outside the seedy strip club until Kieren walked into her world.

He was dedicated and had trained since childhood to master his skills, and so had she.

Where he had calm and serenity, she had wisdom and grace.

Her body was so alien to him with her blue skin and the sleek tendrils instead of hair, yet she was beautiful. Inside one another they find a missing part to the puzzle, something that completes them both.

**This sweet, romantic sci-fi contains smoldering emotion and drips sensuality and longing. Novella with a HEA.**



“I didn't realize someone could be such a paragon of beauty before now. That every bit of someone could bespeak such intense glamour, grace and gorgeousness.”

She tilted her head towards him, a smile playing upon her lips, as she shimmied her hips, “I only wish I could show you more. To see your face light up as I reveal inch after inch of myself to you.”

Inhaling deeply, he detected some trace of a scent on the air and moved in, hovering near her sex to smell the source of what left her petals so dewy. Eyes shut, he reveled in her aroma, “I think I would be as awed by this view for the rest of my years, even should I see it anew each day. You smell intoxicating,” he moaned out, licking over his lips.

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