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Deliciously Desperate Bundle (Motorcycle Club, Lesbian Teacher Menage, Babysitter Adultery)

Length: 58 pages52 minutes


This three story bundle, edited and compiled by Decadent Fantasies Collection, contains the following hot short stories:


Mia left her sheltered life to live the glamorous life in Las Vegas, singing in a nightclub on the old strip. Quickly realizing that life in Las Vegas wasn't living up to her dreams, she gratefully becomes friends with one of the other girls at the bar. When her new friend introduces her to the area's most influential motorcycle club, the Desert Devils MC, she warns Mia that she's getting in over her head. But after meeting the club's VP, Vin, Mia just can't bring herself to care about the danger. She's drawn to Vin's magnetic charm, but what will happen when she's faced with the very real danger that comes from being associated with the MC?


When Professor Vicky Berry asks Caroline to come to her office hours to find a way to fix her grades, Caroline begs Nicole, the teacher's pet, to go with her. The Professor and Nicole use this opportunity to teach Caroline the pleasures that she didn't know could be found with women. The Professor initiates Caroline into the real purpose of their private study sessions. Will Caroline become as eager a student as Nicole?


After what almost happened last summer, Lindsey hasn't been able to get Mr. Johnson out of her head. She has been the Johnson's babysitter for several years, but it wasn't until now that she started fantasizing about her employer. When she's invited to their house for a birthday party, she is filled with nervous excitement about what might happen. Lindsey knows the effect she has on Mr. Johnson, but what will he do when he catches her spying on him through the crack in the door?

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