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Secrets in The Lyrics (Secrets of Savannah, #2)

Length: 230 pages2 hours


•  Due to mature subject matter this book is for readers 17+.
• This book is written in a true southern dialect, from a true southern person. Therefore, it is NOT going to have proper grammar.
Ivie Butonelli has lived her entire life being no one’s priority. She’s had crappy parents, that didn’t care if she lived or died. Getting kicked out to live on her own at seventeen turns out to be the one thing that kind of works for her when she meets a local band. She loves her bass and her music, not to mention the guitarist/ lead singer, but she can’t ever tell him that. Her answer, moving from bad relationship to bad relationship and constantly feeling disappointment, until it becomes more dangerous than just disappointment.

Gable Johnson has always been the care taker in his house, since it came out that his father had two families. He took care of his sister growing up, tried to help his mother get past the gaping hole in her life that his bastard dad left. At seventeen he knew he met the girl that could break him or he’d break her. All this time he’s kept his hands and heart away from her, because she’s the bass player in his band. All he has that’s his own, is his music. If he goes after the girl and screws it up he’ll lose his music too.

When the band gets an offer to go on tour and Ivie’s latest relationship turns violent, she has decisions to make. Going on tour and getting away makes the most sense, but being in close quarters with Gable for months could mess with her head.
Gable’s anger when Ivie shows up to leave for the tour ignites all of the feelings he’s been hiding from himself and everyone else for years. Can they survive this tour together without tearing apart everything they’ve worked for? Can they survive each other?

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