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Messages from the Hollow Earth

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Not only is the Earth HOLLOW, but it is inhabited by Advanced Civilizations! Discover the existence of people who live in peace and brotherhood in the Center of our Earth, which is HOLLOW, with an Inner Central Sun, and oceans and mountains still in their pristine state.

Visit the Library of Porthologos where all Earth’s records are preserved. Discover the Lost Library of Alexandria!

YES — Our Earth Is HOLLOW

“And there’s more to the Core than the myths of Yore”

• All Planets Are Hollow
• Polar Openings at the North and South Poles
• Oceans, Mountains, and a Central Sun in Earth’s Hollow Core
• Inner Earth is inhabited by Advanced Civilizations
• Ancient tunnel system exists inside Earth
• Underground network of Tunnels connecting every large city
• Spaceports inside of Earth
• Electro-magnetic vehicles that levitate
• Library of Porthologos in Center of Earth holds all Earth’s records
• Inner Oceans are Teeming with Life

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